Monday, 26 May 2008

Britains next top model?


Britain's Least Competent Art Team?

What an appalling excuse for a program more like.

Such a sad reflection on the industry - that's just what tonight's 'show' was.

I'm simply appalled by the lack of professional ability shown by 'Veteran' judge Lisa Snowdon tonight. She really let herself, and the contestants down when she appeared to be unable to understand the whitewash in tonight's episode. She bizarrely, just followed a very vague line that she appeared to have been given to speak and mocked the contestants ability to guess what was required of them in the task.

What is sad, it that she showed no apparent appreciation for the task and supported the detrimental, facile, and somewhat amateur approach of the so called art director/music guru - one of tonight's 'judges'. You know, what really grinds is the fact that the girls were given no support, no guidance, and no motivation. The kick was that they were to be the face on a new album cover (of a never to be heard of again group?), the bottom line was that they had to parade around for a few hours in the cold
in a bikini, for a few out of their depth guy's, only for a head shot at best to be chosen for this so-called 'album cover'.

There was a photographer, who gave no guidance, and really appeared to be struggling to work with the bare fleshed women, the 'guru' appeared not the be able to offer any useful advice, and also struggled with the technicalities of live models and it was this 'guru' who's line of conversation amounted, it seamed, to be totally exclusive of any help or guidance - come on! you're claiming to be the customer, tell the girls what you want, they are not mind readers guy's!!

And Lisa, to stand there with your judging cohorts and criticise the images your photographer and post-production 'team' produced as faults of the models is reprehensible. Yes, they are to be professional models and there is an expected level of ability, but you know, they were given no guidance, no support, and of the many images (in bikini to topless it appears) only a few poor head shots were pasted into a poor floral frame - something my five year old nephew can do by the way for much less money!

Come on living TV - get a grip!

I am so unhappy at this flagrant amateurism on British TV.